Best bikini styles for small bust

Acquiring the perfect swimsuit requires time and devotion, as well as being a little intimidating, but it is definitely the most important thing we can do for our look every summer season. In order to feel gorgeous and confident on the beach or poolside, our swimwear must highlight our natural beauty. Find out what is the best bikini style for women with a small bust


For women with a small bust, there is a wide range of style choices that can flatter this feature, and we are not talking about super padded cups.

Certain styles of bikini have a long tradition of proving extremely flattering on women with a small chest: the bandeaus tops, triangle tops, front ties, underwires, for instance, can enhance the look of a small busted woman without necessarily recurring to any size boosting devices such as padding and insets.

Bold patterns and bright colours give an illusion of size, and when combined with the bandeau, front-tie or triangle bikini style they create a flattering effect that can really enhance the look of women with a small chest.

On the other hand, polka dots, hearts, tiny flowers and similarly girly prints, although generally very colourful and deemed to be able to enhance a small chest, can actually give the impression that we are desperately trying to look younger. So, unless you are a teen, give up on the style and choose a bolder kind of pattern, like lines, geometrical shapes, or more sophisticated floral prints.

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Additionally, frills of various types, included lace, are another way to enhance the look of a small chest without recurring to padded cups. Flirty frills on a suitable like triangles or bandeaus bikini top, for instance, can be very flattering actually add volume to the chest, thus enhancing its size. Ultimately, this fun glamorous detail can create the illusion of bigger curves on a small-chested woman.

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