Bespoke hand painted shoes: an increasingly trendy accessory

Started off as a street style for the young and creative individuals, hand painted shoes have taken the world by storm, and not we are not talking subcultures and niche trends: the appetite for bespoke, beautifully painted or pimped up shoes has spread from passionate fashionistas to brides-to-be and is now an increasingly rich and interesting market. In this short fashion guide, we take a virtual peek at two of the most innovative and successful UK based bespoke hand painted shoes businesses: Beautiful Moment and Canvass Warriors.

    Beautiful Moment wedding and occasion Art @Facebook

Beautiful Moment

Well known for its colourful imagery Beautiful Moments creates incredibly romantic, bespoke painted shoes for weddings and other special occasions. The designs, all rigorously exclusive and created especially to suit your wedding colours and themes, are beautifully created entirely by hand. Famous for her gorgeous flowers and fashion style illustrations, artist Claire Jones produces gorgeous personalized painting for your chosen wedding shoes, with current prices starting at £190 plus p&p.

Canvas Warriors

We did say that it all began as an highly individual street style: London based artist Sandira Reddy, a long time great fan of Converse, one day decided to customize hers, and she made such a good job of it that soon after posting a picture on a blog she was flooded with requests. Within weeks, Canvas Warriors was born and hasn't stopped growing since. Pop, street, radical, this spray paint customized canvas shoes with added wings, macrame or Swarovski are true artworks to wear.

On their website, you can choose to order a ready made pair in a range of sizes and models, including lovely heels, or purchase a popular design for your own shoes, or go for the full on, unique bespoke solution. Prices vary accordingly, from £60 to £400.

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