Benetton kids for Autumn Winter 2014 2015 season

In its kids clothing range, Italian pret a porter giant Benetton has proved to pay the same attention to detail and quality of materials as in the adult ranges, always with an eye on convenience and affordability. For your active outdoor explorers, urban outfitter and school goers, Benetton this season presents you with a vast choice of quality, fun, cute and adorable clothes that will not let you down and last a good few hand downs, guaranteed. Here is our short fashion guide on Benetton kids Autumn-Winter 2014-15 collection.

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Year after year their quality quilted outwear, tumble prove jeans and coordinated outfits have kept kids and toddlers warm, stylish and protected. In particular, for the coldest months Benetton offers great quality, affordable knitwear that will stand the test of time: style and durability are, in fact, trademark of the best loved Italian brand.

Super soft knitwear takes centre stage in your kids’ wardrobes this season. Available in various styles to suit any type of taste and occasion, for girls and boys, with matching accessories. From minimal, contrasting coloured stripes, to gorgeous block colour with fun frontal design inlay – smiles or hearts, skateboards or motorcycle, crew neck pullover, cardigan with zip or V-neck sweater- this range of practical stylish tops will conquer every parent's heart, and make their children happy too! Price starting at 17.90 for the sweaters and 26.90 for the cardy.

Our favourites in the knitwear range are the beautiful, hand-knit-lookingwoolly vest for girls at £26.90.

There's nothing better than a fully quilted Benetton winter jacket to keep your child nicely protected from the most extreme condition, and for Autumn Winter 2014-15 the Italian brand presents a brilliant range of cold weather outdoor wear, complete with hoods and in bright or muted contrasting colours, perfect for the snow as well.

On the other hand, Benetton also offers a quality range of warm, soft, comfortable underwear, 90-95% natural fibers, including every day cute -tshirt and brief sets at £17.90 and cosy pijamas, rigorously in neutral tones.

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