Benetton Kids Autumn Winter Collection 2013/2014

If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your kids’ wardrobe then look no further than the latest collection from Benetton Kids for Autumn Winter 2013/2014.

The collection is full of bright colours – think primary colours with vibrant yellows, reds and blues.

For the girls pretty colourful looks including stripped cardigans in rainbow style which can be beautifully teamed with floral or check skirts. Kids are always on the move and jumping around so what can be better than girls stretch velvet trousers. Available in a range of colours these are sure to suit the active kids around while maintaining style and comfort. For something a little different the collection features military chic - less of the primary colours and more greys and green with pieces such as camouflageskirts, trousers and jackets.

For the boys the motor oils theme brings vintage t shirts, corduroy and cable knit sweaters all in cool blues and browns. Those looking for a more skater boy style can look stylish in the West Coast of the States inspired pieces that include comfortable jeans and hooded tops. For the more rock star boys try some bright blue jeans and a Union Jack sweater.

For the kids that have only just left their baby days behind them there is a dedicated toddler collection. With black and white stripes and versatile pieces to keep up with those active toddlers.

Keeping warm is easy with quilted puffer style jackets that come in a range of (bright) colours but are lightweight too. For the boys a nice duffle coat or camouflage jacket will keep them snug. Finish the look off with a nice woolly hat and your kids will be good to go! The new collection is now in Benetton stores across the United Kingdom.

PHOTO GALLERY: Benetton Kids Autumn Winter Collection 2013/2014

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