Benetton Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Collection: an overview

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For the fall-winter season 2013-2014 Benetton proposes a casual look with a sophisticated touch.

Benetton creates a warm and cosy winter collection, full of streetwear combined with elegance. The Italian brand is indissolubly linked to quality knitwear and bright colour that, for this season, get darker in tone.

The Benetton woman is strong and dynamic, able to live the metropolitan lifestyle during her long, busy days. Impeccable in the morning as well as in the evening, she is always ready to flaunt the latest trend, without compromising on elegance.

The fall-winter 2013-2014 collection is versatile and casual, comfortable and warm, characterized by an out door urban touch and hyper-feminine appeal


Among the range of styles on offer, a special mention goes to the coats, knitwear and jeans in new material, colours and designs. Starting from the wool blend coats, elegant with the reversed collars, oversize, with geometrical or jacquard designes, perfect for the romantic.

Jackets are more casual, amongst them warm parkas, short quilted jackets in blue, black or taupe and colourful zipped hoodies.

True to Benetton traditon, the many cardigans and jumpers are available in several colours and tonalities, perfect to wear on top of soft stripy or checked shirts, or simply on printed tees, with skinny jeans or the classic five-pockets.

Trousers come in a range of geometrical designs and warm tones, while dresses are characterized by a romantic, ethereal touch and sweaters by soft tones and bonton.

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