Beat bingo wings the stylish way

A certain photo of Her Madgesty has appeared in The Sun and it appears the Queen of Pop has Bingo wings. Which isn't exactly world news...but it is if you think about how long Madge spends in the gym every day and how skinny she is. Bingo wings it seems, are inescapable. Well we had a squiz on the net for some bingo wings beating ideas. Namely how to hide them via clothes and clever make up.

If you want to wear a short sleeve top but are worried about unsightly underarm flappage, wear something with an interesting strap. This will draw attention away from what's going on near the pitts. We love this style.

A short sleeve cardigan, or bolero will keep people looking in all the right places. We heart the vintage-style.

Try covering the bat flaps up with this range of spandex for arms by Flabuless. The arm shapers come in all colours and all shapes and sizes.

Beat the summer beach-bingo panic by covering up with a plunge neck kaftan that will draw the eye to the cleavage and legs. This Missoni one is a must have.

Wear eye catching jewellery, especially bracelets which draw attention to the most slender part of your arm - the wrist. This one from Dries Van Noten will have all eyes off the bingo baggage and all eyes on the sparkles.

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