Beards and moustache: best evergreen trends

Beards and moustache aren't just an accessory or element of style, only about looking good - in fact, it's all about making a statement. Let's take a look at some evergreen beards and moustache trends.


Ever heard of the Van Dyke beard? Well, Van Dyke was a Flemish painter in the 17th century and he famously showed off such a personal style of facial hair that it's literally gone down in history. It was also sported by many great men after him, you may be also call it 'the Buffalo Bill style' : it consists in a combination of moustache and goatee, simply obtained by shaving off all the hair on the cheeks, daily and with great care.

If you are thinking of a tidier look, then go for the Magnun P.I. style and can't go wrong. You know, that very manly tidy moustache, that goes straight across and covers the upper lip and - everything else has to go! This facial hair style is a classic and timeless, perfect if you want to stay on the safe side. However, you know that if you grow this moustache just a little longer you instantly turn into a 70s rocker, so there!

If you don't want too much of a commitment to fur, go for the thin, sophisticated pencil style. Just keep this thin line of hair above the lip line, perfect to show off in combo with a goatee. And it's pretty easy to grow and maintaine. It won't scare away those beard-scared ladies too, so definitely worth giving it a go if you half hearted about your facial hair. You will definitely need trimmers to keep the scuffs of the perfect pencil line design, daily.

We hope you enjoyed our short guide on some of the best beard and moustache trend ever- perfect if you need a change of style or are getting ready for Movember!

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