Be sophisticated with gold leather handbags

Good old fashion gold leather handbags are great investments and a fabulous addition to your already exploding closet. Just keep the good stuff coming, ladies. You can never have too many accessories. It is perfect for the summer and looks especially great with floral dresses or tops. You don’t even have to look uptight during the winter season since metallic gold leather handbags can brighten up your outfit.

Lindsay Lohan has been sporting around a Jimmy Choo silver gold leather handbag with thin straps and it doesn’t matter how much the public dislikes her outfits. Everyone knows that bag looks great with whatever it is she chose to wear. If you are into leather, you might as well have one. Visit www.debenhams.com and you will find this lovely gold leather multi-sequin festival bag from Warehouse, which is on sale for just £44. This piece is a must have for your bohemian collection. It is a great alternative for animal prints. But if you would rather go for a sophisticated look, Fontanelli has in store a brown and gold Italian woven leather mini handbag. This adorable accessory is crafted with excellent Italian skill for that glamorous style. You can have it for £110.50 and it is also available in ivory and gold.

Keep up in style with these fun accessories but if you have ethical reasons for not using leather, look for leatherettes or faux leather. They are just as good as the real ones and much lighter to your advantage.

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