Be proud! Wear an England fancy dress costume!

Going to a historical costume party? Show off your rich culture with an England fancy dress or boost your nationality by wearing an England flag design dress for a Halloween party.

Old England is full of wonderful tales with famous characters that would make great costumes. Go as far as the medieval times for a fantastic dress up. Visit the Escapade official website www.escapade.co.uk and get an England fancy dress at an incredibly affordable price. Under the historical costumes section, you can find this Medieval Maiden costume for just £64.99. This period gown looks very elegant in a light shade of green and an exquisite jewellery headpiece. The sash and buckle makes the perfect accessory for such a wonderful piece of clothing.

Look further and you will find beautiful renaissance pieces. Throw on this Renaissance maiden costume and wow the crowd. This stunning gown comes in a velvet burgundy and gold colour, complete with a headpiece and veil. Make a fairytale princess come to life and let your confidence beam out. This artistic dress can be yours for just £39.99 from its retail price of £44.99.

However, if you would still like to look all English for a modern party, visit www.fancydressball.co.uk and get the 60’s Cheeky Brit costume for just £32.99. Why not try the “All that Glitters Rule” Britannia costume. This sequinned mini dress is very catchy and very sexy for just £25.99. Match it with a big blonde wig and white stockings and you’re good to go.

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