Baume Baume shake the room

Girlfriend of Mark Ronson, Josephine de la Baume is the new face of Agent Provocateur, reports Vogue. The French star is better know for her work as a singer and actress, than her modelling, but she certainly steps up to the job in the new shots for the luxury lingerie range.

The campaign shows de la Baume hanging out in a slightly kitsch hotel room, wearing only her underwear. It's little wonder she doesn't leave the room, if eight sets of bra and knickers is all she packed.

Talking about the campaign photographer Johan Renck, Agent Provocateur's creative director Sarah Shotton says:'Renck takes a collection and an idea, and combines the two in an explosion of sexuality, playfulness and sense of humour...[He] translates our desires into a campaign that shows our lingerie in a fantasy of real life.' Describing Josephine's natural allure, Shotton says: 'Josephine de la Baume is the ultimate Agent Provocateur woman: witty, gorgeous and confident. She is a natural femme fatale, a quality which effortlessly translates on screen'.

See the images on Vogue's site here.

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