Fancy treating yourself to a pair of Bata shoes?

Bata shoes come from one of the leading shoe manufacturersand retailers in the world, operating across five continents. Bata prides itself on exceptional quality, adaptation to the latest fashion trends, and attentive customer service. Bata shoes are available via the online store www.bata.com as well as shops in mainland Europe, the Asia Pacific region, South America,Canada and several African countries.

Shoes are carefully designed by a team of researchers and designers. All shoes are created to not only look great but also to be comfortable and give good support to the foot. All shoes are made from the highest quality materials. The company is based in Bermuda but the headquarters are in Lausanne in Switzerland. It is a family owned company which has been trading for over 100 years and in this time has sold over 14 billion pairs of shoes.

There are currently no Bata retail outlets in the UK but it is still possible to buy them. www.Amazon.co.uk sometimes stocks Bata shoes, but your best bet may be an online auction site such as www.eBay.co.uk. This website usually has several different styles available for sale, many of which are brand new and still boxed and with tags. You can snap them up from as little as £1.99 plus postage costs for flip flops and deck shoes, and maybe as little as £10 for evening shoes, boots or gentlemen's brogues. Bata shoes come in a huge variety of styles and colours;there is bound to be something to suit everyone so it is well worth taking a look.

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