Bat those lashes

If you were concerned that X Factor’s Cher Lloyd had accidentally blinked and trapped a daddy long-legs in both her eyes, you can breathe a big sigh of relief as the Daily Mail reveals she is just at the forefront of a false eyelash revival.

Both Cher and fellow contestant Katie Waissel have fluttered some pretty giant lashes at the X Factor cameras over the past few weeks and it seems they are part of a new trend for wearing two pairs of falsies to make the lashes even bigger.

Superdrug has apparently seen a 33 per cent increase in sales of false eyelashes compared to last year, selling a pair every 30 seconds in October, writes the Mail. Part of the reason, it seems, is that false eyelashes can lend a girl an instant glamour look for a relatively low price. That is, unless you decide to go down the more permanent route of an eyelash transplant which will set you back a whopping £3000! We reckon we’ll follow Cher and Katie’s lead for now, and opt for the double-lash look. Even with the spider jokes.

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