Bold basketball fashion trends

Who would have thought basketball uniforms would receive a makeover? Recently, Adidas presented a new sports gear for court players defining new basketball fashion trends. Alas, they are not so well received with some claiming they are distractions. Fans even go as far as calling them ugly. Let us take a look why the new designs are criticised by the press and social media.


Adidas is definitely fashion forward. The sports apparel giant recently designed and made new uniforms for NCAA basketball teams. Essentially, these are bold designs, colours and patterns redefining basketball fashion trends.

  • Colours

Neon colours rule from bright reds and greens to blues and yellows.

  • Cut and patterns

Shorts are camouflaged for a stylish look in keeping with runway trends on recreational athletic garments. Short sleeves are introduced like the ones designed for the UCLA, Baylor and Louisville teams. Peyton Siva, Louisville guard and MVP likes these sleeves saying, "...everybody shot a lot better today with the sleeves."

  • Criticisms

Siva is one of the few who likes the new uniforms. In general, they are not well received among old-fashioned fans who believe the traditional jersey is part of the game's heritage. Others call the bright colours and patterns distracting to viewers instead of focusing on the moves and jump shots of the players. Even President Obama said, “that neon glow wasn’t working for me," referring to the colourful patterns of the new jerseys of the Notre Dame team. Some even go as far as calling the new uniforms downright ugly and gave them monickers such as LMFAO, Underoos, and Fruit Stripes.

  • Rebuttal

Adidas said in a press release the main goal was "to make an impact on the court." Chris Masters, spokesman for Notre Dame said the teams are not contractually obligated to wear the new uniforms throughout the season. The teams can decide on a per game basis whether they don the uniforms or not.

Future impact

Adidas certainly generated enough buzz that might have well started basketball fashion trends. For one, fans are quick to catch on the latest fashion craze wearing replicas of the jerseys their idols are wearing. However, this doe not bode well amongst old-fashioned fans and supporters who like to stick with traditions.

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