Riding the baroque fashion

Baroque fashion is in and you can see it from the latest works of high fashion designers and creative directors on the catwalks. Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Lanvin are a few of the big names out there seen touting the baroque style during their autumn campaigns. Even Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo’s creations for H&M depict ornate accessories typical of baroque and Gothic periods.

The trend this season

Yes, fashion is a fickle thing and anything could just pop out of the blue. Try the whims and fancies of the baroque period as evidenced in ornate clothes, print fabrics, extra large blings, decorative shoes, and golden hues. Autumn is a great season to do this with the changing of colours. Warm tones and hues such as gold, orange, and brown are fantastic colours reminiscent of an era of lavishness and extravaganza.

How to get in the baroque mood

You don’t have to dress up from head to toe baroque style. All you need is a simple garment that is so typical of the era such as a dress in brocade, corsets, or decorative, embroidered clothing. Or, have a go at adding just the right kind of accessories to get you in the swing of the era. For example, an oversized but ornate jewellery is enough to draw attention to the 17th and 18th centuries or even the Gothic period.

Make-up is soft and alluring drawing inspirations from baroque paintings. Shoes are definitely boots and pumps laced with ornaments such as buckles and even stones. Put a little sexiness into outfits with revealing and plunging necklines. Think bustiers, corsets, golden trousers, dresses or gowns with sequins or crystals for that complete baroque touch.

Don’t go overboard just yet

Fashion critics are advising against going all the way with baroque fashion. While it is trendy for the season, it might not look so hot towards the end of the year or months after. Go easy when thinking of joining the crowds. Take a prudent approach or you'll end up with tons of clothes and accessories gathering cobwebs in your cupboards.

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