Bargain hunters in Italy line up in their underwear for Desigual winter sales

Two times a year in coincidence with summer and winter sales, Desigual holds their “Arrive Half-Naked, Leave Fully Dressed” sales parties.

Brave bargain hunters queue up in front of selected stores in their underwear to take advantage of the sales and take part in the brand’s fun philosophy commitment.

The Spanish clothing label is famous for their bold designs and even bolder prints, and the offer of some free clothes is what is behind their semi-naked sales parties that they started in 2005 as a promotional marketing idea to capture not only customers, but also headlines.

The audacious sales pitch has worked wonderfully over the years, as these semi-naked parties by Desigual have grown exponentially across the globe and have been seen in such cities as Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Tokyo.

Yesterday, January 4th marked the first day of official winter sales in Italy, and two Desigual stores , one in the center of Rome and the other in a shopping mall just outside of Turin, for the first time were witness to these semi-naked parties, which judging by the number of customers was another huge and roaring success for the Spanish brand.

Hundreds of driven customers lined up in front of the two stores during night, braving the cold and battering rain to try to be the first 100 clients (those who arrived after 3am were already out of luck and had to settle for a 50% discount) to take home a two piece outfit for free when the stores opened in the morning.

The Desigual staff gave out baskets to the 100 customers so they could strip down to their lingerie before entering the store and where they had just one hour of time to choose and dress with two items – one top (a coat, sweater or dress) and one bottom (pants or skirt) from the 2013 Fall and Winter collection that was on sale.

A sleepless night and braving the cold to get some free clothes may sound crazy to some shoppers, but considering the economic climate, it may not be something to sneeze at.

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