Backless Dresses are FOR Going Out!

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So you're headed out then? To a wedding? A night of dancing and flirting? Either, either - consider the pros of the backless dress. Wearing backless dresses going out is fabulous. They're classy and cheeky (literally and metaphorically) simultaneously.

The thing about backless dresses when going out is that they leave so much to the imagination and always, no matter what, flatter the female physique. The gap they leave bare leaves the spine do the work where the legs or cleavage would otherwise. Your long back will look so alluring and demure and it doesn't matter your shape or your size the backless dress will shed you in a whole new light. There's no better way to dress than in backless dresses when going out.

So firstly decide what your up-coming events are. If you're going to a ball or a wedding then think floor-length gown and start perusing the rails of Ms. Millen for your jaw-dropping design. Karen Millen carry heavy satin fabric in their gowns with lots of structure and boning. The prices range from £100 and up. Remember though - a floor-length dress is an investment and Karen Millen do huge sales so shop wise.

For more casual backless dresses when going out shop on ASOS, Forever 21 online store, River Island and Zara is great too. Keep in mind that a backless dress demands special support in other areas so a multi-functioning brassiere is your best friend too.You've got to be careful wearing backless dresses going out.

If you're going for more casual and want a flirty summer look then you can go for colourful backless dresses in shorter length. Always when wearing a backless dress choose a high heel to elongate the leg and so matching the back. Try nude heels to further elongate the image and go for the optical illusion de jour.

So start buffing and tanning. Enjoy those backless dresses going out. Don your heels and celebrate you and every aspect of your gorgeous body!

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