Back to school fashion trend: what's new

Summer’s out, but the fun is just beginning with back to school fashion trend making everyone busy to find the right attire for classes, parties, and soirées. We show you what’s hot and what’s making the news in a few words. Just remember, that styles are fleeting and if you want to make good investments, pick wisely, for longer-lasting wardrobe.


Unless you are wearing school uniforms, there’s a lot of scope for back to school fashion trend. Basic colours for trousers are wonderful to have, making it easy to mix and match tops and jumpers. Other attractive and warm hues for autumn and early winter include burgundy, orange, yellow, and green. Tops, trousers, and outerwear in these colours are great for after school hangouts and parties. You can also wear leggings or stockings under shorts or mini plaid skirts. Just remember to layer innerwear with jumpers or cardigans to avoid losing body warmth when the air is nippy.


Obviously, handbags are important accessories when attending school. Fashionable backpacks in canvas, leather, or nylon in different colours make great accessories with plenty of room and pockets to hold all your stuff. Messenger and tote bags are also amazing since they not only look stylish, but practical as well for school essentials. They are classic and timeless pieces that will last for years and seasons.

For shoes, there are really many choices for students such as studded or buckled boots, trainers, loafers, moccasins, and ballet flats. Look chic in a pair of wedges, pumps or platforms if you can endure wearing them all day long hopping from one classroom to another.

Other 'must haves' for going back to school include colourful-looking and stylish scarf, a few jewellery to make your outfits look smashing and even a cute beanie in plaid or knit. Add a headband and glittery hair pins and vintage brooches for a dramatic effect.

Anything goes

Back to school fashion trend means anything goes although there are a few stand outs making waves this season. A few of these styles include skinny jeans, oversized coats and blazers, puffed shoulders blouses, bomber leather jackets, grungy (torn/frayed) trousers, print or neon jeans, tunic dresses, plaid and floral dresses. Retro patchwork hobo bags are also gaining popularity. As for jewellery, the trend is to wear bangles, lots of them along with cuff bracelets, layered necklaces, and chunky rings reminiscent of the vintage and baroque era.

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