Baci and Abbracci Sunglasses; Football Fabulous or Football Frivolous?

Baci and Abbracci was set up by a pioneering footballer, Christian Brocchi an Italian born player who currently plays for Lazio. Brocchi has other interests outside of his football career, he open a cafe in Milan along with fellow player Christian Abbiati, and started his own clothing brand (Baci Abbracci) with close friend and footballer Christian Vieri and model Alena Seredova. Truly Brocchi is a cut above the rest. But is his line something to shout or snigger about?

Overall from looking at the collection at bacieabbraccicollezioni.it there's nothing to shout about really, although in their defence they do state they are a "casual wear designer" but even then the design is poor to say the least. The whole label for me is underwhelming as you can imagine from young footballers label, the line is poorly design with very few innovations and a high level of branding (on some pieces this is positively embarrassing). And without the years of history to build a strong reputation one would have to ask, Why spend money on a poorly designed, frankly boring brand of sunglasses? when they could go to the Sunglass Hut and buy a classic pair of Ray Bans, even Tom Fords if your feeling rich.

For me, and this is just my opinion, I never feel right in buying something from a side venture of a person who is already making a six figure weekly pay check. Screams of injustice to me, but then again maybe I'm just jealous. I personally would not feel right in recommending you buy Baci and Abbracci Sunglasses, they're just a boring item and not even particularly stylish. If you want my opinion I would always go for the classic pair of sunglasses, ones that have stood the test of time and past with flying colours. And if you really want to suit the sunglasses to your head shape have a look here, esunnies.com.au. Choosing this might give you a hand in making your choice.

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