baby ski suits: our recommendations

Introducing baby ski suits

The good news for skiers with kids is that there is a variety of baby ski suits to choose from. There is now no reason at all why babies or toddlers can’t accompany you on your winter sports holiday.

Naturally, the biggest drawback of any skiing resort is the temperature. Baby ski suits will keep youngsters well insulated, as well as protecting them from sunshine that can often be deceptively fierce. Clad in a ski suit, babies will enjoy the sight of snow. If they’re feeling comfortable within their environment, they can begin exploring, getting familiar with the smell and texture of snow. Ski suits are therefore a great way to build confidence.

Is a baby in a ski suit suitable to take skiing?

The actual ski slopes are unsuitable for babies. Occasionally, continental skiers can be seen skiing with a baby in a back-pack, but this is not to be recommended, even if you consider yourself an expert.

Where can I buy baby ski suits?

There are many online outlets where you could begin tracking down baby clothes suitable for those budding young skiers. SupaPrice (www.supaprice.co.uk) are currently offering Girls and Boys Trespass All in One ski suits for around £21.99.

Kids Window (www.thekidswindow.co.uk/ski-wear-ski-clothes.html) offer same-day delivery on childrens’ ski wear.

Simply Piste (www.simplypiste.com) have a 'baby mountaineer munchkin' all-in-one, in fetching azul blue, retailing for £40.00. They also have a whole range of matching ski hats and mitts, in blue or pink.

Check out this page for more general information about ski wear.

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