Have you considered buying baby pramsuits?

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It may still be the middle of summer, although it doesn't feel like it, but the shops are bringing out their Autumn/Winter collections already. Baby pramsuits are an all in one outerwear garment that the baby can wear when out and about and still stay snuggly and warm. Baby pramsuits are usually made from light yet warm fabric and many have a water resistant outer layer.

Most shops that have a baby wear department will stock baby pramsuits for the winter months. Be aware that the sizing of baby clothing varies from shop to shop so that which will fit the child in one shop maybe too tight or too big from another shop. It is best therefore to stay with the tried and tested brands or ask the mother which shops she buys from if the pramsuit is for a gift. Also bear in mind, if you are buying in advance, how old the child will actually be when they need to wear it and buy according to this age.

We really love GAP for baby pramsuits: they are fabulous quality, lightweight and attractive and wash really well. They also come with detachable mittens and booties. Jojomamanbebe is another great shop for baby outerwear in a huge range of colours and designs. It is more expensive than a typical High Street shop but you get the quality that you pay for. Check out the website for offers and deals or end of season sales.If you are on a tighter budget, some of the large supermarkets sell babies clothing. Try Tesco or Asda for good quality, inexpensive baby pramsuits. Primark also have a reasonable selection that is kind to the pocket.

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