Baby outfits - cute, cheerful or funky?

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Baby outfits are always fun to shop for. There's nothing as cute as a gorgeous baby in a pretty or funky outfit. Shops like Adams have traditionally always been a good place to shop for presents or outfits for children as has Mothercare but many high street chains such as Matalan, Primark and Asda all stock extensive ranges of children's wear that come with a very low price tag. Even TK Maxx can turn up some gems in their "clearance" section where you will find massive discounts on baby clothes that are already reduced!

If you're looking online for baby outfits, then check out sites as sugarplumtree.co.uk and see their ranges. This particular site offers free delivery within the UK on all orders over £10 which is a saving in itself already! As this site stocks organic products, it is in the higher price range and you will pay £47.95 for a stripy gift set which comprises a buggy blanket, sleepsuit and pull on hat. Some items, however, are currently reduced so instead of paying £34 for a day suit, comprising of trousers, top and hat, you will now pay £28.99.

If you're hunting for bargains, then check out the "sale" section which is displayed on the home page. Here you can buy a boys shirt that originally cost £29 but is now reduced to only £14! Also in this section is a designer boy's cardigan reduced from £29.75 to the bargain price of £14.87 and when you factor in the free postage, this all sounds pretty good!

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