Baby items - buy the best for less!

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Baby items used to be quite expensive products with many designers brining out highly priced exclusive ranges but now there are many high street stores that have affordable and good quality clothing for babies which means a more enjoyable shopping experience and better choices.

Stores like Asda have a vast online catalogue that you can browse through either from your home or even on your mobile. Asda pride themselves in being a budget friendly brand without compromising on standards. The site is user friendly and displays their range within seconds, all you need to do is select the size you're looking for and browse! This site has all the essentials along with some very cute suits and outfits. Romer suits and sleepsuits come in a pack of 2 for only £7 and a 3 pack of tops for girls or boys will cost you £6. A 2 pack of leggings for a baby girl is a very affordable £4 while a romper and dress combo is £5 so this site really does have it all!

Hats, bibs, mittens and socks are all items you will need a multitude of when you have a baby so paying £1 for the mittens and £2 for bibs can only be a good thing!

If you're popping into shops on the high street then have a look at the selection of childrens wear in Penneys. This range is always fun and fashionable but manages to keep the prices low. Sleepsuits start at only £2.50 and outfits start at £5 for tracksuits for a newborn!

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