Baby hats - not just a fashion statement!

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Baby hats aren't just a fashion accessory even though you can buy some exceptionally cute ones! In winter, hats keep delicate ears warm and in summer they protect sensitive scalps and skin.

Baby bonnets are the traditional hat of choice for newborns but funky accessories like beany hats, caps and baby berets have now secured their place on the child fashion radar! Baseball caps are cute on both little boys and girls and they come in every kind of colour and material which means that there's one for every outfit.

Baseball caps can be bought in Primark for a very recession friendly £2 and this means you won't fret too much when they inevitably get lost!

Lightweight summer hats can also be bought in every store that has a line of children's clothing such as Next and Heatons. While prices start at £7 in Next, you can opt to spend only £3.50 in Heatons for pink or White hats for little girls.

As the summer is drawing to a close, many shops are selling off their summer stock to make way for the autumn and winter arrivals. This end of season sale means that you can buy hats at a fraction of the price but, as children are renowned for growing up very fast, you may not get any use out of it next year! After last years outrageous winter, now may well be a good time for thinking of warm clothing for your children which is why many stores are already selling hats, scarves and gloves.

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