How to Decorate Baby Gros

Any shop that sells baby supplies should have good choice of baby gros. You can buy a single one or a multi-pack if you fancy decorating more than one. The baby gro will need to be as plain as possible, with no writing or design. Remember if you are unsure of the baby's sex choose neutral colours.

Wash the baby gro carefully, making sure you use a soft washing powder and fabric conditioner. Rinse it through and leave to dry naturally. This will make the baby gro soft and easier to work on. Next, you will need to cut a piece of cardboard, large enough for you to stretch the baby gro, until it is taut, over it. Your cardboard will need to be roughly 16-inches long by 8-inches wide. This is to give the baby gro stability so you are able to work on it.

Plan your design carefully. You will need to measure the spacing correctly, if you want to write a message on to the baby gro. Use an ordinary pencil to lightly sketch your design if you plan on drawing a picture. Stencils are a good idea if you do not feel confident free handing your chosen design. Fabric markers or paints will allow you to finish your design, and you can use items such as brushes and sponges to add texture and depth to the overall look. You need to let the design dry naturally and it has to be completely dry before you can remove it from the cardboard. Leave it somewhere safe so your work is not smudged. If you want to place a design on the back, repeat the same instructions once the baby gro is dry.

A baby can never have too many baby gros and the new parents will love the fact you have gone to the effort of personalising your gift yourself.

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