A guide to baby girl birthday dresses

What are baby girl birthday dresses?

Baby girl birthday dresses are typically fancy dresses that you buy for your little one to dress her up on her special occasion. This is usually for the all important first birthday.

How fancy are the dresses?

The skirt

As fancy as you like. It can involve a tutu skirt, a triple layered skirt or a bubble skirt. The tutu can come in a single colour or in multi colours. It usually goes just below the knee. The dress can resemble an evening gown, ballerina costume or even a wedding gown. If you don't want this kind of resemblance, don't go for dresses that are too long (way below the knees) or too short (above the knees).

Sleeves and ribbons

It can come with long or short sleeves but most dresses are sleeveless. Some are attached with straps instead. There may be a ribbon to tie with or bows on the side of the skirt.

Other details

Some dresses have a birthday cake embroidered on the bodice. If you want cultural birthday dresses such as a Korean styled one, you can find it too. However, do not mistake these fancy dresses for costumes. They are much more detailed, prettier and often more delicate than costumes.

How to get inspired

Simply Google for images of baby girl birthday dresses and you will get plenty of results returned. You will be delighted with what you see and you will want them for your little girl too.

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