Baby Fashion: The craziest trends in baby wear

Royal baby fever has created an obsession with all things baby related recently. While most parents shop around in their local high street store for baby vests and baby onsies for their new arrival, some are not satisfied with the standard fare. They want their baby to stand out from the crowd.

There has been a move towards more radical and even at times a tad rude slogans emblazoned across little babies chest however if you really want to stand out in the crowd we only have to look at the recent Watermelon baby craze sweeping China which is arguably one of the craziest fashion trends of recent times. However the Chinese are not alone as we check out some of these other fashion trends in baby wear that have been causing a stir!

Keeping baby’s head warm…with a difference!

The perfect gift for the breastfeeding mother, the “nipple hat”or Boobie Beanie is designed to look like a giant breast once a baby is latched on for a feed. Loathed by some as being distasteful and loved by others for a little comic relief while feeding their baby! Whatever your opinion it certainly stands out in the crowd!

Baby bangs

Most babies have little hair and for most parents this is not a major worry as it grows as they get older but for some the fear of anyone thinking their precious girl is a little boy has spawned a new product call Baby Bangs. A wig that turns your bald little baby into a little girl with a full head of hair and glamour head band to boot!


Being beach body ready is not something that should be on any baby or toddlers mind but with the range of fashionable babykinis on the market every baby can look cool and sophisticated on the beach. Right or just plain wrong?

The Straight Jacket Look!

Ok, so it’s really to assist babies who like to swaddle have a comfortable night sleep and not really a fashion trend per se but we could not resist including The Woombie which gives baby that glamorous “straight jacket” look!

Finally, one of the favourite trends, to complete the crazy baby look is the crazy looking soother. A must have for every soother sucking baby! In a range of designs from two front teeth to moustaches they look hilarious.

Poor little babies!

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