Is there such a thing as baby fashion?

  • m_bartosch

Once upon a time, babies wore baby gros, bonnets and booties knitted by Granny and that was that. Now however, there is a range of baby fashion that is larger than  that for new mums. Every High Street clothing shop seems to have a baby range from socks and hats right through to party wear. To be honest, it seems a little strange to dress a tiny baby in an outfit designed for an adult or an older child and which has just been reproduced in miniature, but some parents like the idea that Junior can sport the latest in baby fashion which of course is inextricably linked to adult fashion.

Whether it is jeggings, puffball dresses or converse trainers, there is such an item available for any age, even newborns. Mothercare has a huge range of baby clothes, some of which fall into the Baby K range designed by Myleene Klass and which state that they combine glamour and style with practicality. You may argue that this is exactly what a new mum wants for her baby, but really, how much glamour does a newborn need to ooze? If this is the type of look you want for your baby however, baby fashion in this range is all very affordable starting at just £5 for accessories.

There is also a range of home furnishings and toys to ensure that your baby enjoys current fashion as well as having a good time. All clothing retailers tend to have a baby department, most of which offer baby fashion items as well as the basics. Designer shops also have a small baby range which of course is seriously high fashion for your little darling.

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