Need to buy some baby dungarees?


Whether you are expecting a new arrival or shopping for a gift for a friend, we try to help out. If you are expecting a baby and are looking to stock up on clothes before he or she arrives, we recommend the basic white sleepsuits or onesies, vests and t shirts and baby dungarees as staples.

Mothercare is a great place to start for both the basics and for something more special as an outfit. T shirts, vests and leggings are great for everyday wear, and you can buy some really cute outfits for that special occasion. If you want something more special, try visiting specialised baby stores for little co-ordinating outfits, pram suits and clothing such as baby dungarees for special occasions.

You could also try looking on Internet auction sites such as eBay as it's possible to pick up brand new or excellent condition second hand baby clothes for next to nothing.  We really rate Next, Pumpkin Patch and Tesco or Asda for good quality, hard wearing clothes that wash well and keep their shape and colour.

For those looking for clothes to buy as a gift for a baby,we as  parents cannot stress strongly enough how useful the day to day clothes are, in a size bigger than newborn (our baby was too big for this size even as a newborn) rather than pretty or cute outfits since our daughter grew out of these before she had a chance to wear them. Basic T shirts, leggings, baby gros and baby dungarees are ideal for a baby's wardrobe.

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