How to buy baby clothes hangers

Why use baby clothes hangers?

Baby clothes hangers are essentially the same as adult clothes hangers, only much smaller in size.

It would be difficult to use regular (made for adult) hangers if not impossible for clothes that are so small in size. It would certainly appear awkward. If you use a children's closet, chances are, the regular hangers don't fit in order for the door to close. This is not practical.

Now imagine all the children's clothes hung up on their own hangers all in a row, in their own closet. This is so much neater, practical and maybe even inspiring.

What are the hangers made of?

Plastic and fabric hangers

The cheapest hangers are made of plastic and are thinner. These are also the lightest in weight. The better hangers are made of more durable plastic. Try to go for these. Hangers made of wood tend to have lesser features. The most expensive ones are covered with fabric. These are good for clothing that can tear easily.

Fancy hangers

The fabric ones are fancy but you can also find plastic made hangers that are fancy in design and colours. It is good to ask your child so that he takes a responsibility on this.

What to consider when buying

Don't go for the lowest quality in the market. Buy hangers with little hooks on both sides so that you may use these for certain clothes. Make sure the clothes don't slide off the hangers. Lastly, buy hangers that make you and your child feel good to use them.

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