Fabulous baby clothes bouquets as gifts

If you are looking for something different to give for a baby shower or to friends who recently gave birth, consider ordering baby clothes bouquets. They are beautiful and artistic creations that the recipient will appreciate and use. In addition, you can even learn to make one yourself for that special and personalised touch.

What goes in a bouquet

There are countless things you can put in a baby bouquet of clothes. Socks, scratch mitts, swaddling blankets, pyjamas, jumpers, bibs, and undershirts are just a few of the things you can put in the bouquet. Some baskets even include important toiletries for the newborn and mum.

  • Where to buy baby clothes bouquets

You have the possibility to order these precious gifts online or through physical stores. If you opt for online shopping, some of the stores which sell dainty gifts include:

* Baby Bunch (baby-bunch.co.uk) – sells handcrafted bouquets with the option to upgrade baby clothes from designer brands. Prices start from £9.99 for a basic set of 6 bibs including a pail and card. £52.99 will get you a bouquet of extra stuff such as bodysuits, sleepsuits, mittens, and bibs.

* The Bump Company (thebumpcompany.co.uk) - an assortment of fruity and fresh bouquets awaits clients selling from £26.95 to £67.95. Baby socks buds cost £3.95

* Say It Baby (sayitbaby.co.uk) – prices start from £16.50 to £36.50.

* Baby Bouquet Shop (babybouquetshop.com) – prices are from £26.50 to £70. For example, the Ultimate Blue Baby Clothes Bouquet contains a carefully selected bunch of garments for babies from 0-4 months set amidst lovely flowers and foliage.

* Googoo Gifts (googoogifts.co.uk) – bouquets cost from £19.99 to £57.99. From single to twin sets, these adorable bouquets consist of artificial flower and foliage and baby essentials such as scratch mitts, socks, hats, bodysuits, sleepsuits good for infants from 0-6 months.

Make your own

Another possibility is to make your own baby clothes bouquets if you have enough time. Get your creative juices flowing and imagine the type of bouquet you would like to give. It can be a bunch of roses, lilies or other types of flower arrangement. You can add things as you want including toiletries, cuddly toys and special mementos.

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