Great ideas for baby christening gifts

Christening's are a very special time and are a day to be cherished and remembered forever.

If you are after some great ideas for perfect baby christening gifts that will be loved for all time, then try these sites;


Baby Experiences

This site Baby Experiences (babyexperiences.co.uk) offers a wide range of unique baby christening gifts.

They sell a variety of personalized gifts that show that extra special touch and make the gifts so unique and individual.

You can sort the options by price to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and if you have a set budget then you can just look at the range available to you.

Baby Experiences has really thought about each and every gift idea they are offering, and all have been specially handpicked.

With excellent ideas like the Baby Casting Kit With Frame for only £52.99 this gift will create memories that can be treasured for years to come!

If you want something just as special but for a cheaper price then why not try the Boasting Book Photo Album for just £6.99


Born Gifted

Born Gifted (borngifted.co.uk) is another great site offering a huge selection of baby christening gifts.

The site is fun and user friendly, making the hunt for the perfect gift as simple and straight forward as possible.

They have a range of prices to suit every budget, and delivery is completely free.

Choose from sub categories such as pewter gifts, silver gifts, plush gifts and many many more.

If you just can't decide with all that choice check out the top ten best selling christening gifts.

Get the Winnie the Pooh Breakfast Set in a Tin for £23.99 or the Engraved ABC Silver Plated Money Box for an equally good price of £22.99

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