Baby Christening Gowns: Designer Style

For some, the right baby christening gown is so important that they will even battle the Queen of England for theirs, as Anne Boleyn did when she fought and won against Queen Katherine. Luckily, for mothers today, they do not have to battle royalty to dress their little one like the prince or princess that they are. Designers such as Angels and Fishes, Sarah Louise, and Little Darlings, are making sure that baby christening clothes today represent the importance of the day and the beauty of the ceremony.

The Traditional Baby Christening Gown

The baby christening gown is the traditional choice for most parents. It has a long history and is popular in a variety of denominations for special ceremonies and baptisms. Traditional baby christening gowns can be elaborate with embellishments or simple silk with a few finishing touches.

Angels and Fishes

Angels and Fishes have turned simple white gowns into magical baby christening clothes. Their “Raphaelunisex silk gown is long and flowing with a detailed collar, simple large bow at the bib and puffed short sleeves to create an angelic look.

For little girls the silk lace “Amelie” gown. A heavily detailed lace overlay covers the silk gown and is finished with a ribbon at the chest with a bow and diamanté heart.

Little Darlings

The Little Darlings' “Claudia” gown offers a more traditional style with a vintage heirloom look to it. A matching mop cap accompanies the silk gown that is adorned with a lace overlay embellished with flowers and pearl decorations.

Sarah Louise

Another stunning choice is from Sarah Louise, with her hand embroidered Heirloom Silk Gown and Bonnet. The ivory silk gown has a flower lace detail to it with traditional classic English styling, perfect to pass down from one generation to the next.


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