AX Paris Summer 2013 Collection

Ax Paris is that one stop shop where you find a great selection of high street outfits at reasonable prices. We take a look at the spring summer collection that’s out in the stores now for that perfect opportunity to stock your wardrobe with alluring clothes that will surely wow.

The collection

Ax Paris is a UK-based brand making and selling trendy clothes and accessories for the woman who is fashion-forward. Combining the best of runway styles, it sells some of the most delectable pieces of clothing for a stunning look. From lace and sequin to midi and maxi dresses, their gorgeous range of clothing, shoes and accessories are made to please.

  • Outfits

Take the exciting Crochet Neck Midi dress in exciting colour or the drop Back Strapless Maxi dress. You’ll also find sexy strapless playsuits for warm months. Strapless, backless, one shoulder or just plain sleeveless, the choice is yours with a delectable selection of cute and alluring frocks in plain or print fabrics. For evening wear, there’s a wide selection of flowing chiffon and waist dresses and enchanting floor-length gowns.

Dresses are not the only show pieces of Ax Paris. Tops, jackets, knitwear, onesies, skirts, shorts, trousers and leggings – there’s a whole collection of smart pieces great for mixing and matching outfits.

  • Footwear

We all know how accessories play an important role in making your appearance stand out in a crowd. The shop also offers a delightful collection of footwear including heels, wedges, flats, and boots. From practical flats to sexy cork wedges, there are plenty of pairs to choose from. We like the Metallic Platform Heels and the Leopard Stud Suede All Over Spike Boot.

  • Other accessories

Ax Paris thinks of nearly everything offering jewellery, bags and purses, and belts. When it comes to blings, check out the Cut Out Cuff Bangle and the Spike Necklace. Experiment with a Gothic accent using a skull scarf or stay elegant with a criss cross purse.

Selling point

All these can be had for a very reasonable price making Ax Paris a splendid place to shop. Why pay for fashion when you can have snazzy outfits and accessories at very affordable costs? It is not wonder the store is getting popular each day amongst fashion-forwards thinkers and those who love dressing elegantly without paying top prices. Check out their website at axparis.co.uk.

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