Top 5 popular Australian fashion brands

Australian fashion brands have wowed the world with their high quality, stylish designs, and top performance from safe Quiksilver surfsuits and colourful Billabong flip-flops to functional Bonds 'chesty singlets' and warm Ugg boots. With a long history of producing excellent products, these outstanding brand names have garnered a solid consumer following.

Quality brands

1. Billabong - One of the popular Australian fashion brands, Billabong was founded in 1973. Its name signifies a body of water. Famous for its surfwear and accessories, Billabong also sells t-shirts, caps, footwear, and casual bags.

2. Bonds - This is an Australian company that makes quality underwear such as boxer shorts, t-shirts, and sleepwear. Its most famous product is the 'chesty singlet'. The firm expanded its line of undergarments to include underwear for women. Nowadays, men and women can buy sportswear, maternity and casual clothing by Bonds. Pyjamas, underwear, socks, wondersuits, wraps and sleeping bags for kids and babies are also on sale.

3. Quiksilver - The company was established in 1949 in Australia, although Quiksilver is now based in the US. It manufactures quality wear for surfing and other related board sports. In addition to the outstanding apparel, the company also launched Roxy, a line of clothes for women while premium products are sold under the QuiksilverEdition brand. It is now a brand associated with fine and sturdy wear for surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

4. Speedo - Speedo's history is traced back in 1914, when the company was first founded. It is a reputable manufacturer of swimwear and swim accessories. The brand name is popular, having a wide range of swimsuits for men, women and children. These stylish swim apparel and gear are sturdy and hard-wearing. In addition to this line, Speedo International has also sportswear and footwear products. Speedo Underbody is a line of undergarments for men and women sold in select stores. Famous for its wide range of swim goggles, Speedo spells style, functionality and excellent performance.

5. Ugg Australia - Although Ugg was started by an Australian, its headquarters are in the US. Nonetheless, its history started in Byron Bay, Australia where surfers would keep themselves warm by using sheepskin while waiting to ride giant waves. Inspired by this idea and the abundance of sheepskin in the country, Brian Smith arrived in California in 1978 to realise this dream. The rest is history. Ugg boots are staples for everyone providing warmth when needed. Ugg also branched out to other products such as apparel, accessories, handbags and footwear for men, women and children.

The success of the brands

The success of Australian fashion brands are attributed to innovative companies that make products of exceptional quality. In addition, functionality and trendy designs also make these goods attractive to consumers encouraging brand loyalty. After all, having these three qualities matter when buying fashion products that are not only stylish and sturdy but also serve a purpose.

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