ASOS Women's Autumn Winter 2014-2015 collection

UK's largest independent online fashion retailer ASOS presents its Autumn Winter 2014-2015 Women collection. The lookbook is pervaded by the main focus and trend of the upcoming season: fall winter 204-14 is going to be all about vintage and 1920s early Americana, so brace yourself for a season of wide midi skirts, big checked patterns and wholly hats. But worry not: revised and corrected, and mixed with the right dose of contemporary appeal, this retro looks will be as hot today as they were 100 years ago.


Practicality and comfort, effortless chic and retro vanity are the trademarks of the ASOS women's lookbook for Autumn Winter 2014-2015. Some of our typical wardrobe staples will get an innovative make over, while brand new, not yet worn models will work their way into the heart of your style.

Take the black patchwork jeans: skinny and soft, this high-wasted jeans will accompany you through the coldest months, for maximum comfort and style. The trendy check denim jeggings on the other hand offer a new take on the jeans/legging appeal: this is again high-wasted, in line with the latest trends, and its vintage checked pattern print adds some true romantic vintage flavour to it that your hipster side will just love. Complete the look with the cheeky long sleeved crop top in check denim.

Another lovely and hyper trendy check outfit is the soft check top and shorts in a sweet wool mix: tight, high-waist shorts and matching wide-cut short sleeved top for a fresh 21st century design tainted with the romantic take on a tradition print.

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The cool juxtaposition obtained by mixing past and future reaches its aesthetic peak in the Victoriana Jacket - premium skater skirt combination: you will fall in love with the romantic Victorian style jacket, rigorously in black, combined with the light grey wide pleated skirt in sporty brushed nap fabric.

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