Are you looking for art deco jewellery for sale?

  • picnik

Art deco jewellery is big business right now. It has always had a strong following but in recent years, it has come full circle and as a result it is relatively easy to find art deco jewellery for sale in shops across the country.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery for a special occasion or you just love the style of art deco and want to add to a growing collection, there are plenty of retail outlets with art deco jewellery for sale. Even websites such as Amazon have got in on the trend, selling art deco style jewellery. Reproduction pieces can also often be found at many jewellery and gift outlets at reasonable prices but if you are after the real deal you may have to search a little harder.

Original art deco jewellery can often be found in antique shops where there is usually a jewellery section, or on market stalls selling second hand jewellery. Simple pieces such as rings, earrings and bracelets can be found with prices starting as low as just £10. You could also try a specialist shop, many of whom have websites detailing their jewellery. We like Heritage Jewellery and Friar House.These pieces will have been cleaned up and mended if necessary and will possibly be of a better quality than those which you would find in an antique or second hand shop. As a result you should expect to pay more, sometimes thousands of pounds for an original item of art deco jewellery in excellent condition. Many have precious and semi precious stones as part of the design which of course increases the price as well.

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