Armani Halloween chocolates

Halloween offers too many playful possibilities for the fashion world to ignore. Our favourite ghostly gimmick comes from Armani who have created a luxury chocolate box full of spooky but delicious treats.

Check out the chocs

The chocolates are made from the 'finest cocoa in the world' and feature pralines in five different mouthwatering flavours, including tea, jam, dragees, panettone, and torrone. "The dark chocolate pralines are all enclosed in a white chocolate coating suggesting a “tiny ethereal ghost” says the Armani blurb. (Which sounds very highfalutin, but what the hell, we'll eat them anyway....)

The chocolates will make an inspired Christmas present for any sweet toothed designer gal. And once you've eaten the contents, you'll be left with a luscious Armani box which there must be another use for.....? Take the inside out and it can be used as a make-up box. Ta da, overpriced treats are worth every penny!

Buy Armani Halloween chocolates instore or online at EmporioArmani.com

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