Armani 2013 Spring and Summer handbag collections

Each year Armani presents three different handbag collections for Spring and Summer, one for Giorgio Armani line, one for Emporio Armani, and one for Armani Jeans.

Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous and loved Italian fashion designers known for his clean and elegant lines and his handbags follow this style.

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Armani’s bags are designed to be chic and minimal, but also versatile, and while they are expensive they can be considered an investment, because they can be used for a number of years without the chance that they will go immediately out of style.

Giorgio Armani likes to pamper women in every moment of the day and we can find 100% calf-skin leather shoppers or doctor’s bags all in calf-shin or in two-tone canvas and calf-skin or crocodile printed bags in 100% leather or handcrafted messenger bags in 100% silk with rhinestones.

What we particularly love in the Giorgio Armani collection are the evening clutches. You’ll find a crepe clutch with jeweled handle in 100% silk or clutches with rhinestone detailing with one of them featuring the solar system, and clutches with a patchwork design that has a varnished effect in a very modern pink and gray and they are in leather.

Armani hasn’t forgotten that busy female executive because he also features in his top of the line collection a tan colored calfskin briefcase.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Armani 2013 Spring and Summer handbag collections - Photo Gallery

In the Emporio Armani collection you’ll find shoulder bags, totes in leather, that also features very glamorous crocodile prints, top handle bags in various solid colors, but also in prints, messenger bags and also darling little pochettes.

If you can’t afford bags from the two previous collections, check out the Armani Jeans collection that has as many bags to choose from as the two previous collections, but they are a lot less expensive as are the materials that are in polyester, PVC or cotton, but still carry the AJ logo.

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