Are You Ready for the Grankini?

We think this could be one of the most unpleasant new words to enter the fashion lexicon but who are we to argue with the Daily Mail? According to the powers that be, the ‘grankini’ is the latest style craze to sweep the country's beaches (in over the over 50s category, anyway).

The Mail writes that sales of bikinis to women in the fifties and sixties (hence, grankini, geddit?) have increased by 118 per cent in the past two years at Debenhams. Women have apparently been inspired by celebrities including Dame Helen Mirren, Jerry Hall and Kim Catrall to chuck out their one-piece and dare to bare.

Sasha Nagalingham, swimwear expert at Debenhams, said: 'There are no rules to say when a woman should retire her bikini. Women over 50 are as interested in looking glamorous as their younger counterparts. A full costume on an older lady instantly says 'granny,' but wearing a supportive, well proportioned bikini is less ageing and accentuates the figure.'

We say go for it, ladies. If men can continue to patrol the beaches in their speedos well into old age, why shouldn’t women?

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