Are hats bad for your hair?

It has often been said that wearing hats often can cause hair loss. But what is the reasoning and logic behind this? Can wearing hats really make your precious hair fall? We take a look if this is true or not.

Myth or fact

Hats, caps and beanies are fantastic accessories that can dress up your outfits in addition to their functionality. They can protect the head from the heat and cold. Unfortunately, wearing hats can apparently make you go bald or lose your crown.

  • Tight braids
  • According to dermatologists, one logical way that can make you lose your hair is if you are actually wearing your hair often in tight braids, encouraging the strands to be pulled off your scalp contributing to hair loss.

    For example, African-American women wear their hair in really tight braids since they were young. This practice can actually contribute to traction alopecia - hair loss caused by too much pulling.

    However, if you are just wearing your hair in tight styles every so often, this is not likely to cause hair falling off. The tension is not enough to pull off your hair. So yes, the short end of it is that wearing hats cannot really cause hair loss or baldness.

  • Deprivation of nutrients
  • Another explanation why hair loss can occur when wearing hats is that it is supposed to deprive hair of oxygen and nutrients. However, this theory is not really proven and supported with scientific evidence. As such, it is unlikely that this will cause hair loss and baldness.

    So what causes baldness?

    Hat wearers can at least take comfort in the fact that there is no evidence supporting the myth that wearing hats can in fact make you shed hair or go bald. Hair loss does not happen just because you are wearing hats.

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