Apple shape: best swimwear choices

An apple shaped body features average to big bust and is fuller around the middle, with slightly curved shoulders and ok legs. If you think your body shape belongs to this category, there are a trick or two up your sleeves to look even more fab in the sun this summer: find out how to choose the best swimwear for the apple shape.

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Enjoy your feminine curves and make the best of what you are equipped with! A must when choosing your swimwear is making sure that the chest and tummy are neatly separated by the design. Also, you probably want to highlight your legs and the femininity of your shoulders. Let's take a look at some options:

First of all, we want to enhance the bust, shoulders and legs while diverting attention from the belly. Tankinis were originally designed for the apple bodyshape, providing a fun alternative to one-piece swimsuits, which are usually the standard. However, make sure the tank styled top meets the pants, otherwise the very tummy you were trying to hide will get everyone's attention.

Also, go for bottoms that are cut high, which will enhance the look of your legs, in fact giving the illusion of more length. Tie side insure a similar effect too, so you already have a choice between this two bottoms styles to start off wit

h. Avoid strapless tops for tankinis or strapless swimsuits. They would just make your shoulder slope more and generally make one block out of bust and waist. Instead, choose structured tops, supporting and enhancing the breasts, and possibly contain the tummy. For example, there is a wide choice of sculpting beachwear out there which presses in the right places to ensure your look.

Colours and prints can help a lot or, on the contrary, do a lot of damage. They give optical illusions, so use them in your interest rather than against it.

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