Anne shows K-Midds the love

The Duchess of Cambridge aka K-Midds may have attracted the slings and arrows of criticism recently for her staid dress sense, but she certainly has one fan in high places. Anne Hathaway, currently all up in our faces due to her role as Emma Morley in the million selling book, 'One Day', has praised Middy for her classic style of dressing.

Anne told The Daily Mail, 'Can I tell you how grateful I am to Kate Middleton? Because she is such an advocate for dressing like a lady. I think for a few years that kind of slightly dirty look was adopted by Hollywood - you know, the stringy hair, homeless thing. I really tried, I was like ok, I'm going to give that a go. (But) it doesn't suit me, I don't suit it. I always looked kind of chubby. I'm just very grateful to Kate for making looking appropriate really fun again.'

Vivienne Westwood is one firmly in the anti-Kate camp, telling Kay Leno that Middleton's style is boring, 'It seems to me that her image is ‘ordinary woman’. Therefore, High Street shopper. And I just think she should be an extraordinary woman, wherever she gets her clothes from. In England they are like look how thrifty she’s being, showing the British public that the Royals are in a recession as well. Only in this country they call it a faux pas.'

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