Anna loves you

Anna Wintour - fashion's powerful overlord - has given her thoughts on who will be the next John Galliano or Alexander McQueen. In an interview with the Telegraph's Hilary Alexander, Wintour said she believes new york sister design duo Rodarte are set to take on the role of fashion's major international innnovators.

Explaining her thoughts, Anna said she believed Rodarte have the ‘imagination and originality to be in the same spirit as a John [Galliano] or an Alexander.’. She also namechecked some of London's most exciting new designers, as well as giving a special nod to London's 'girl on the street' who she says is unlike any other city girl when it comes to style (oh Anna do stop, you're making us blush).

London Fashion Week has grown in importance over the past few years. Previously considered secondary to Milan, Paris and New York, it now commands proper press and buyer attention, to the extent that Anna herself has attended LFW for the past few years. She lists London designers Erdem and Christopher Kane as among the highlights this season...no pressure, boys.

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