Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Anna Dello Russo, the feisty editor of Vogue Japan and confirmed fashionista has something cooking up her sleeve. Anna Dello Russo for H&M is set for release in October at H&M stores worldwide. It is a joint collaboration between the Swedish retailer and the fashion editor showcasing creative accessories designed by Dello Russo.

Glitzy and glamorous accessories

Anna Dello Russo for H&M is a collection of accessories that will definitely make a fashion statement. If the past trends of the “passioned fashionista” are indications, think captivating and exciting stuff to hit the stores. The lady was spotted wearing a pink Oscar de la Renta gown, oversized sunglasses and bangles while dragging a bejewelled turquoise suitcase during the Fall 2012 Couture fashion week. Those accessories, apparently, are part of the highly anticipated collection.

Oversized blings

From extra large necklaces and collars to bejewelled bangles and earrings, the order of the day is super big. After all, who would fail to notice giant rings and necklaces compared to teeny weeny bracelets? Get those fancy charms so traditional of the ADR brand and you’ll see what we mean.


It’s not enough that these accessories are oversized. Check out the snake-like bangle that packs enough punch to knock the wind out of you. Or the clutch purse ornately designed with a giant stone smack in the middle of the lid. The lizard collier is also not bad, resplendent with stones. Pendants are emblazoned with the letter A, and lined with stones.

Spot a charm bracelet with trinkets from the ADR logo, tussles, link chains and a colourful fruit. Have a look at those cool sunglasses with blings all over the corners. There’s simply nothing plain about the ADR accessories for H&M, that much we can tell. Golden shoes, elaborate clutch bags, larger than usual feather hats, and adorned luggage, are few of the amazing things you can expect.

A date to remember

We all can’t wait when the collection of accessories of Anna Dello Russo for H&M is unveiled and hits the stores on October 4. Until then, we await eagerly for a full preview of the goodies and treats on display. We are hopeful, too that we can get our hands on these appealing treasures from the Anna Dello Russo line.

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