Animal snow jacket - design and function!

Animal Clothing was set up in 1987 by two surfing friends who had become fed up losing their watches and clothes while trying to surf.

Their dream was to come up with a range of high performance clothing that would be able to keep pace with the most adrenaline packed life style.

Starting small the pair set up production in the spare bedroom in one of their mother's homes. Starting small they made enough money to pay for trips to Australia and Hawaii where they sold more of their new labels wares.

Building on their great designs the label grew to include ski and surf wear. An Animal Snow Jacket is one of the most instantly recognisable designs in the market and widely known as a rugged, functional brand that looks amazing.

The easiest way to pick up a bargain from their wide range  is to visit the Animal website. At animal.co.uk they carry the full range of designs and products at low prices.

You can be sure to pick up an animal snow jacket bargain at Twoseasons.co.uk. These expert retailers deal specialise in outdoor and snow wear. They have brilliant all year round sales and special offers and we love their mailing list that gives special prices on selected products every week.

If you want to buy you Animal snow jacket in a high street retailer you should head to your local TK Maxx. With 240 shops through out the UK and Ireland and a specialist ski wear section in each store you can be sure of finding just what you need.

Happy shopping.

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