Live the fantasy in an Andre Lima creation

An Andre Lima design is about as far from the high street as you can get. The Brazilian designer is uncompromising, a master of drama, extravagance and lavish colour. For the elegant and daring woman who wants to make a startling impression, a Lima creation may be the perfect choice.

Amazonian elegance

Andre Lima comes from the Amazon region of Brazil, and his designs reflect his upbringing. His creations are wild, exotic, colourful with a hint of danger. Donning one of his designs will make the wearer feel like a bird of paradise.

He's not a democratic designer. He creates clothes for angular and slender women with tall, model-like figures. You need an abundance of grace and confidence to carry off the Lima look.

Lima describes his designs as fantasies, costumes that turn the wearer into "something else entirely". Fabrics in fabulous floral and geometric patterns resemble something drawn from a modernist art gallery.

His Winter 2012 collection, unveiled at Sao Paolo Fashion Week had an almost medieval look, with dramatic gilded gowns matched with pointed shoulders, feathered head-dresses and crowns.

The designer's sense of fun has influenced a range of dresses that are closely related to the Japanese art of origami. The sharp lines and geometric cuts are made to complement perfect cheek-bones and angular shoulder-blades.

As with any couture dress, if you need to ask the price of an Andre Lima fantasy, then it's probably not for you. For many though the designer offers inspiration and aspiration. The Lima influence can be felt in high street fashion's fondness for bright colour and sharp cuts.

The realms of fantasy

An Andre Lima design is not about everyday casual wear. His catwalk shows are exercises in imagination and provocation. For fans of fashion, his Amazonian creations are strikingly original. For those not blessed with fantasy incomes, the only option may be to wait for his ideas to filter through to the chain stores.

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