And the bride wore...two dresses

When Karl Lagerfeld posted pictures of Lily Allen clad in a sumptuous 1920's style wedding dress in the Rue Cambon studio, the fashion world was shocked. Well, okay then, slightly perplexed. For Lily Allen had been pictured on her wedding day dressed in French designer Delphine Manivet, and there was no mention of a lurking Chanel number. Well, Lily has cleared up the conundrum; she wore both. Delphine to the church, and Chanel at the reception.

Laura LaRue tweeted a picture of Lily in the Chanel studio, saying, 'Confused? Me too.' Lily responded, 'I wore my BEAUTIFUL Chanel dress to our reception.'

The Chanel number shared many similarities with Lily's Delphine Manivet dress; both had a vintage aesthetic, with transparent layers of chiffon, and voluminous sleeves. And the two dresses had full skirts with additional embroidery.

Sigh - we'll take both, thanks.

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