An iconic wedding

Kate Moss is getting married this weekend; we've already seen the pictures of the Queen ligger partying up a storm on her hen dos at Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight festival, but one key question remains...What on earth is the world's most super model going to wear to her wedding? Galliano, Westwood and home-made have all been mooted as the answer, but some top designers have added their tuppenceworth below.

Alice Temperley told Vogue, 'I am certain she will look absolutely stunning, unique, beautiful with a bit of a rock n' roll twist. I would love to see her in something vintage looking, romantic and slightly bohemian. However, whatever she chooses, she will look fantastic and I am sure women will want to wear something similar to their weddings for years to come.'

While Diane von Furstenberg said, 'I'm not big on wedding dresses. But I would give her a bottle of my new perfume - it's divine.' That's right DvF, never miss a chance to plug your own merchandise...

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