The modern American workman style

The American workman style has certainly evolved from the first dungarees worn in 1873 to the flashy cowboy hat, leather jackets and boots. Nowadays, fashion is also part of the workplace. We show you what these different styles are from the workman in the boardroom to the man out in the field.

Defining the style

The American workman style is not only about wearing those inimitable denims even at the office place to donning stylish leather jackets when showing up at a field meeting. There are also interesting outfits that make up the American workman style.

Formal and indoors: Suits and bespoke tailor are common norms for corporate America and it’s not unusual to find businessmen and board directors wearing the latest styles from high street fashion houses and established designers. Shoes range from finely crafted derbys and oxfords to brouges and loafers. Crisp, immaculate shirts made from cotton and silk complement these outfits while accessories include cashmere and cotton socks, silk ties, brooches, jewel pins, and soft scarf.

Informal and outdoors: Outside of the boardroom, you’ll find that wearing jeans is still the predominant dress code. Cotton tees with short or long sleeves rule with white as the predominant colour. Jeans or leather jackets complete the outfit along with leather boots which can range from cowboy to biker shoes. For the man on the go, it is this type of outfit that prevails and which gets the work done dressed in comfortable clothes.

Preppy and young: The younger American workman style consists of fitted suits, high end shirts, woollen or silk vests and cashmere cardigans. Fine casual dressing includes polished lace-up shoes, colourful socks, shawls and a few pieces of jewellery.

Eccentric: Then there is also the style adopted by educators. Tweed suits can be paired off with denims or interchanged with a leather jacket and the ever present black spectacles. Inner shirts are anything from plain to plaid in neutral or dark colours.

Future trends

The American workman style has certainly gone a long way from those cowboy style outfits adapting itself well to changes in the fashion scene. At the same time, it still retains influences of long standing dressing traditions. We expect the trend to continue, a style that is not so different from existing ones currently making waves in the fashion world.

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