All you need to know about the Lola Rose Alice necklace

The Lola Rose range is one of modern taste. It is designed with vibrant colours and modern fashions in mind. The jewellery is very versatile, being able to fit the individual styles of diverse fashions.

Lola Rose jewellery is characterised by bright colours and affordable gem stones or beads. The designs are big and simple.

Prices for Lola Rose necklaces range from £40 to £100. Making it affordable for everyone.

The Lola Rose Alice necklace, also called 'Alicia' is a bright pink design with beads on the chain starting off big around the neckline and getting smaller as they reach the pendant. The pendant is the same colour as the chain and is a large heart shape.

The Lola Rose Alice necklace is priced in the same range as other necklaces, £40 to £100 depending upon stockist and is a beautiful simple and fun design!

This is a necklace that would look fantastic in the summer time with a floral print or white outfit. A really fun and vibrant piece.

This necklace also has a matching bracelet and ring in the Lola Rose line so that you can make an entire motif out of the design.

This is the idea behind Lola Rose....the jewellery is priced lowly so that people can buy a number of pieces to match the outfits in their wardrobe or to buy matching bracelets, necklaces and rings to make a complete statement.

Lola Rose is a product of the time and is a great add-on to the modern fashions around London and the UK today.

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